PowerComm International Group LLC USA is an international association of different business units that operate within diverse business sectors and has evolved into a network of diverse companies. We bring years of experience working with producers, customers, and distributors throughout diverse industries.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, PowerComm International and its international subsidiaries stand as industry leaders in worldwide metals trading, oil &gas refining and petroleum marketing sales and wholesale distribution, supply of pipelines to water, oil and gas industries, and transportation, storage and terminaling services. Power Comm member companies also supply industrial products, procurement and supply chain services for metal, oilfield metals, material products, valves and actuators, flanges, pipe fittings, fasteners, Instrumentation: all types of Instrumentation fittings and materials, gaskets, lifting and rigging applications, pumps, tools to global oil and gas manufacturers and service companies. Our metals business also includes supply of aluminium, titanium, e.t.c to various companies. We provide efficient cost-effective import/export services throughout the world.

A culture of innovation and dedication ties all of PowerComm International endeavors together. PowerComm’s corporate strength stems from the personal commitment of its engineers, scientists, marketing professionals, and support staff. Their forward thinking has earned PowerComm’s status as a pioneer by introducing, and discovering new markets.

PowerComm’s savvy business history of bold action, timely response, and reliable performance, has amounted to an unparalleled reputation for product quality, dependability, environmental responsibility and integrity in its business dealings across industries and around the world. Our businesses are built around the motto “Customers satisfaction is first”.


Missions and Values


PowerComm is in business for Ultimate customer satisfaction. We are committed to every client’s satisfaction and success and we believe strongly in customer satisfaction.


Integrity, honesty, loyalty we are honest and fair in all our business transactions.
We value relationships and nurture our business relationships. We are dedicated to every client’s success and loyal to our customers.


Our mills, plants and factories continuously maintain and renew Industry Standard certifications such as ISO and API and fulfill all quality requirements. We ensure they adhere to highest quality standards. Our products go through and pass rigorous quality criteria before they are distributed. We pay attention to detail to ensure our customers are happy. It is our ultimate responsibility to be the best at what we do and in everything including quality that customers cherish.



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