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PowerComm imports and distributes Aluminum Semi--Finished Products, such as Extrusions, Sheet, Foil, and Treadplate for various applications. We have a strong network of reliable suppliers to enable us to offer high quality products at competitive prices. We have supply programs for the North American market to make sure that each supplier meets and maintains the ISO-9000 certification requirement, as well as our quality and packaging requests.

On Extrusions, one of our strengths is our ability to offer a wide range of value-added services, such as anodizing, powder-coating, and fabrication services at quite competitive prices. This is one area where we can help each customer save money on their purchasing budget, especially on fabrication, including hole punching, welding, and assembling. Examples are stated below for an idea of the alloys and tempers that we can supply. If you can not find your desired allow and temper listed here, please send us an inquiry and we can respond whether we can meet your other requirements.

On Sheet, Coil, Foil and Treadplate, we supply a variety of common alloy products in standard guages and widths. For Treadplate, we can offer mill-finish and polished surfaces, in a variety of patterns, such as 1-Bar (also known as Diamond-style), 2-Bar, 3-Bar, and 5-Bar patterns.

We are curently not a typical depot stock distributor. Our cost advantage is most suited for large volume order customers who have predictability in their product usage and who are comfortable ordering in advance, since we typically order many of the products against specific customer specifications.

We do understand that monthly usage quantities will vary, and in many cases, we have worked with our customers to develop warehouse stocking programs to provide just-in-time supply programs and excellent supply chain management.







We supply the following products:

Aluminum Extrusions in the following allow and tempers:
6063 Alloy in T4, T5, T6 tempers

6061 Alloy in T6, T651, T6511 tempers

6101 Alloy in T61 and T63 tempers

Other 5xxx and 6xxx Alloys and Tempers are available as well
Aluminum Sheet and Co
1xxx, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, and 8011 Alloys

O, H14, H24, H12, H22, H16, H18, and H26 Tempers

up to 0.188 thickness

up to 48" width in coil or sheet

Aluminum Tread Plate:
3003, 4105, and 5052 Alloys

H114 and H24 Tempers

1-Bar (also known as Diamond style), 2-Bar, 3-Bar, and 5-Bar Patterns

up to 0.25" thickness

up to 48" width in coil or sheet







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